Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs

Wangara Kennels was established in 2002. Our aim is to  ensure our lines keep a strong inherited working ability and to breed sound working dogs for the future generations to enjoy. Wangara Kennels incorporates reward based training with each dogs preferred activity, with the intention of building sound core behaviour.

All of our dogs lead an active social life, whether it is working stock on our farm, training for yard dog trials or out and about enjoying the scents of outback Australia. Around the home paddocks they all enjoy their swim times and free running in paddocks, where they can be what they are, dogs. All at some time attend working dog clinics, are obedience trained, socialised with other dogs and humans. All are well loved for their individual traits.

It’s a dogs life.

At Wangara we undertake testing for hearing (BAER), blindness (prcd-PRA) and hip and elbow scoring to ensure the future health and soundness of the breed. Our goal is to keep providing a loyal, sound companion for future generations to enjoy, keeping in mind the breed standard as well as the general well being of any puppies placed into new homes. The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is not the breed for everyone but once you have had the pleasure of owning a stumpy you will understand the passion and dedication other stumpy owners and Breeders have for this truly unique Aussie dog.


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